Monday, February 27, 2017

Responding to a request for a better photo of my red feathered star.

This quilt was made over more than a decade! I would hand piece a feathered star block in the winter....missing some winters....
9 blocks were needed. [or maybe I just stopped at 9 as I had had enough!!!!]

Then, I hand-quilted it! Now, it is used as a Christmas season quilt!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Workshop with Sujata Shah!

We loved the opportunity to have this lovely quilt teacher at our guild!
Paula Mariedaughter and Sujata belong to a quilt group which shares a blog, "Rebels"!
This is a quilt by Sujata called "Waiting for Daffodils". The yellow greens and black and white prints remind her of spring!




Sunday, February 07, 2016

Trying to decide!

I am soon to finish the hexagon part of this quilt, which I started in 1998!

Now to find a fabric to use to square up the outside.

I don't want the irregular hexagon edges!

Some fabrics which I am considering may be too "modern" for the traditional look, but there are no "Quilt Police" if I like the fabric I may use it! Stay happy, have fun!

Testing on my living room carpet and counting on the photos to help me choose!


First try pink...little circular pink flowers with green stems....just matches the green between the rosettes.



Then green..

Then blue with yellow flowers...


I think I am leaning towards the pink, as I have plenty of it....and of course, I am a "pink" person!

Especially this time of year! February.

Now to make the last 6 rosettes..I have several started..this could still take a long time! LOL!



Monday, December 07, 2015

A Christmas quilt!

This started with a charm pack of "Christmas" fabric, the "daily deal" from Missouri Star quilt shop. The pattern I chose is from one of her magazine's too.

I added lots more Christmas fabrics! And machine quilted it is for grandsons in Idaho!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Some quilts I have made and donated lately!

I don't think I got photos of of my first goals was to make some "unisex" or boy quilts! Seems I always make "girly" combinations .... And lots of baby boys could use a quilt too!

Using grey solid for several of these!



These are made with 5" squares. Each has unique backing and bindings....trying to use up from my stash!


Then, "unisex" aside, I couldn't resist using scraps and pink came back, really strong!


These are all finished now, given away, or soon to be!

The hot days of summer made me crave cool blue....cornflower blue and with it is "girly" again!

But I LOVE, above, are some of the blocks in process!

AND, I made a small wedding present for my friends, Paula and Jeanie.....a pillow with their kayaks in a quilt block!



Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A quilt block from my great grandmother's hand!

Found In a visit to Cimarron Heritage Center Museum in Boise City, OK.

The most western county in "No Man's Land", the Oklahoma panhandle is Cimarron County.

My family has lived there since the early 1900's when they migrated up from Texas! My great grandmother, Laura May Lightfoot and her husband Alonzo Ellis Parsley built an adobe home,which is still occupied, on the old homestead.


The adobe...this photo was from a time when it had been vacant for years.....

Now to the quilts....these hang in the Cimarron Heritage Center Museum.


I LOVE this indigo with red tied quilt! Especially the little sunburst block below!

This scrap/string quilt is hand quilted. It was a friendship quilt with embroidered signatures on the blocks....wait, that signature on pink in the upper left...."L. M. Parsley" ! That's our great grandmother, my sister tells me!

Laura May (Lightfoot) Parsley! It is hanging pretty high...I hold my cell phone up, of course, I am not get a blurry close up!

These were frugal times, most of the quilts here are scrap quilts!

Some cotton dresses are also displayed.

This black and white gingham dress was worn at the turn of the century!

This 1930's frock was worn by a school teacher....very small in waist and ribcage! No super-sizing back then!

The yoke and cap sleeves of this dress were constructed from packaged bias tape with a zigzag stitch! Someone had a nice sewing machine! The fabric of the dress is feedsack!


Love the blue buttons!

My sister near an antique stove and vintage aprons..


The Heritage center has lots to see....a dugout, a depot, farm machinery, antique cars....

A local stitcher made this excellent reproduction of Dorothea Lange's famous photo, "Migrant Mother"! Herd to believe it is thread on canvas!

A one room school house and a dust bowl exhibit....

The main office is a very modern style architecture ....former home of congressman Cox. Designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. Inside is Mrs. cox's fabulous button collection...


AND you can't miss "Cimmy", the dinosaur! Here with my friend, Sally!



Friday, July 17, 2015

Scrappy wacky pink log cabin a gift to my godson's daughter

Finished and off to a good home! Perfect for a little girl!

Kathleen is 4 and visiting her grandparents nearby.....the perfect time to give it to them!

This was so much fun! I know I will make more!

I have started to list them on ETSY but hit technical difficulties. I quilt for pleasure, so even though getting a little cash flow going would be good.....I don't see a good market.

However, if anyone reading this would like to buy a quilt, please leave me a comment! I do make more than I need!