Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Small pleasures!

Ready for spring, pink tulips in a forcing jar. Snow in the front yard lingers!

On the back porch, pots of daffodil bulbs in the morning sun.....noses beginning to peep up!

Meanwhile, I have concern for our daughter and her family near Atlanta, as the winter storm approaches and shuts down the city.

I am knitting two pink cardigans for the twins there, but the cold my almost be gone by the time these are finished! I knit on one sweater, then the other so that they will finish at about the same time!

I have made several of these pink burlap buntings....for the in the mail...and one hanging here!

I am enjoying a new lime green table/ desk from the thrift store. Now I have a special corner for writing, sketching or just being!

Still loving my latest scrappy quilt!

Thinking of adding another vintage sewing machine to my has roses on the case and is 3/4 size. A Kenmore 1040, sigh!

Of course I don't NEED it!


Thursday, February 06, 2014

Sunday Morning low volume quilt

It is still snowing today! This week I quilted and bound this "Sunday Morning" quilt ( pattern is in the quilt book by that name). It just came out of the washer and dryer, looking lovely!


Here is a closer look.....

I like mixing pale and light with a touch of deeper color thrown in, floral prints, large and small, and stripes and dots.....checks and plaids.....

I machine quilt, free motion on an antique Singer slant needle, 301. The machine has a "card table" in which it sits. With the feed dogs lowered, I'm all set.

This may go to a grandaughter....we will see!

Now down to clean and organize the sewing room...that is if the heaters have made it warm enough to be down there, brrrr!


Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Dreamsicle Quilt and more

We are collecting blocks for a dear quilting friend.

It has grown to become a quilt top!

It his project was inspired by a quilt which I saw on the Internet called a "Dreamsicle Quilt"! Our friend, Lovina loves orange, so this is being made for her!!!

Today, sleet, snow, cold...but I am warm and cozy inside my sewing studio, machine quilting a low-volume, "Sunday Morning", quilt...from many "scraps", and for me!

I quilt with my antique Singer 301, you can lower the feed dogs and be ready for free motion quilting,

The wooden table which works with this machine makes a wonderful surface to support the weight of the quilt while I'm quilting!

Lucky me!!!!