Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Golden Curry

I am making a "brick" pattern wallhanging using my Kaffe Fassett fabrics, with others. This will be a hanging for the art show I am doing with my friend Tracie at St. Paul's Epsicopal church this coming November...I want lovely rich pieces to hang there!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Family connections

Having a quilt shop for 11 years gave me a
lot of time to make things for and with
those I love!!!!!!!

Here, in May 2000, my daughter stops in
with my 10 month old granddaughter. My
mother has come up from Little Rock for
the Mother's Day weekend. Four genera-
tions in the shop that day!

The next photo shows my mother sitting by a window in a farmhouse in Wisconsin.
We went to visit my niece and her family that summer.
Mom worked on quilting a pink and brown basket quilt
which I had pieced. It is now owned by my daughter.

This last photo is also in great-nephew, Lane. He is reacting to a quilt which I made and brought up there for him.....He loved orange to I used lots of orange around fabrics featuring objects he would recognize....cows (they have a dairy farm), tractors, Big bird, Bob the Builder, etc.

He just said, "WOW" !

Morning Glory quilt

The fall of 2000, a school near my quilt shop had a fence covered with beauty!
Morning Glories!

My friend Tracie , who was spending some time at my quilt shop/retreat center, offered to help me make the hand-appliqued blocks for the morning glory quilt. She even went by the school and took a photo of the flowers for us to enjoy!

Here are some of the blocks we made....the round close-up
of the morning glory alternates with the more geometrical
trellis block! The finished quilt was 3 times this size....

This quilt was sold to someone who fell in love with it....another to a good home!

A garden gate quilt

A charming pattern, was it from "Country Threads?" I forget....
But since I had a garden gate like this and a black cat who could strike the same pose, I was compelled to make this one!

However, it was a very HOT summer that year...
2000....I chose cool and frosty colors for my Garden Gate quilt. The orange traditional pumpkin turned into a "ghost" pumpkin...a pale white/green orb. I used lots of blues and lavenders...and turned my red and white flag stripe fabric to the "wrong" side for a paler frosty effect. I liked the morning glory block so much, that I ended up making and selling a morning glory quilt* later that summer.
*to be posted in a minute

Sunflower Baskets

A quilt photo found in a scrapbook from 2001.

This is a quilt top I made from a pattern in a Fons and Porter magazine.

I sold the top to Lonetta Blevins, who then had it hand quilted.
The baskets, in reds, blacks and golds, are machine pieced and the sunflower border is fused and blanket stitched on the machine.

A wonderful look for sunflower lovers!

National Quilting therapy

After September 11, 2001, a quilt shop in Georgia, Little Quilts, asked for small quilts to be sent to them to give to the families of all the firemen who perished in the World Trade Center.
I made one (the "flag" log cabin on the bench photo) and sent it in...they sent me back a postcard saying they had recieved 2,200 small quilts....and the photo of them all layed out together!
Now my daughter lives just "up the road" from "Little Quilts" and I was able to visit the shop recently....what a treat! I did forget to mention to them that I had sent a quilt back then!

Blooming 9 Patch

This old polaroid is of the first "blooming 9 patch" quilt I made. From a pattern by Blanche Young. It is so much fun...each new fabric or row of "blooms" is added gradually by mixing it with the fabric of the last row before it is allowed to stand on it's own....a lovely colorwash result!
This queen-size quilt helped my daughter to start her internet travel business, as it was given by me in partial payment to the talented young woman who designed her first "Caribbean Journey" website!

Lili's Caribbean Beach Quilt

This is a photo of my then 3-year old granddaughter in her bedroom...standing on the bed for the photo shoot only!!!!
Her wall quilt is of beach cottages, cabanas, and palm trees with a sandy beach and"snail's trail" ocean waves. It is a paper pieced quilt from a commercial pattern. It was fun to do, and is embellished with all kinds of buttons, parrots, fish, bananas in the palm trees, a cat in a in the gardens and on the trees.
The bed quilt is a wonderful, crazy quilt done in brights....lots of squares within squares and checkerboards. From a quilting magazine....
Both were made by me and machine quilted commercially.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May Basket quilting

These baskets are scanned off of a small lap quilt which I made for my daughter, Laura's 16th birthday. She has a May first I always think of lily of the valley for her too!

One quilt given to a very good home!

I was looking through some old photo albums and found this one...probably around 1980.

I sent a indigo blue and muslin basket quilt, which I had made, to my sister-in-law for Christmas.
I know they have treasured it in the years since! It went to a good home!

(This quilt was machine pieced and hand quilted.)