Friday, June 26, 2015

The Root Connection: It's here!

[Hmmm, mostly this blog is about me and my quilts...but I did just discover a kindred spirit.]

The Root Connection: It's here!

I just visited the blog from the link above! What a joyful quilter! Love, Love, Love!

This is one of the blogs of Sujata Shah, graphic designer who makes quilting fun and improvisational!
She has a wonderful book too!

AND I found that Sujata Shah is a member of the quilters who post on the REBELS blog, along with my dear, local friend and quilter, Paula Mariedaughter!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Using up scraps? Is it possible? Order out of chaos?

I love scrappy quilts! So when Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts blog started a quilt along a couple of weeks ago, I jumped in!

--First sew scraps which have a side the same length together in pairs....week one!I found myself using 2 or 3 color palettes, even with scraps! My light bright pastels...

Brighter primararies with darks mixed in....


Earth colors...using lots from past family sewing projects....way back over 50 years! Or new pieces.



While waiting for more weekly instructions from Amanda, I used some 2.5 inch strips, which I keep in a plastic bin....sort of a scrapper jelly roll! I pieced these "25 squares" blocks, made a small top, and got it pin basted together now ready to quilt with my sewing machine.


Then I made this wacky corner log cabin quilt top. Inspired by this post from Quilt Dad . Here is his photo of his block. Charming!

Following his general is my quilt top using light bright pastel scraps! Can't decide if I need to add one more row...????


Once i got home from visiting the new grandson, I worked some more on the quilt along with Amanda....

This week, 3 weeks into the sew along, Amanda has given us more direction....and I am pulling this quilt top together.

[here is the finished quilt top....June 29.....I think I am ready to stop. A large throw, or nap size quilt top.]

I had an extra log cabin block so that went in too! This is about 1/4 of what I should end up back down to the sewing room, to pair up more pieces for this...then the bright primary scrap top and the Earthy top.....lots to do...AND the scrap pile and chaos just seem to grow!