Monday, October 31, 2016

Workshop with Sujata Shah!

We loved the opportunity to have this lovely quilt teacher at our guild!
Paula Mariedaughter and Sujata belong to a quilt group which shares a blog, "Rebels"!
This is a quilt by Sujata called "Waiting for Daffodils". The yellow greens and black and white prints remind her of spring!




Sunday, February 07, 2016

Trying to decide!

I am soon to finish the hexagon part of this quilt, which I started in 1998!

Now to find a fabric to use to square up the outside.

I don't want the irregular hexagon edges!

Some fabrics which I am considering may be too "modern" for the traditional look, but there are no "Quilt Police" if I like the fabric I may use it! Stay happy, have fun!

Testing on my living room carpet and counting on the photos to help me choose!


First try pink...little circular pink flowers with green stems....just matches the green between the rosettes.



Then green..

Then blue with yellow flowers...


I think I am leaning towards the pink, as I have plenty of it....and of course, I am a "pink" person!

Especially this time of year! February.

Now to make the last 6 rosettes..I have several started..this could still take a long time! LOL!