Monday, August 31, 2015

Some quilts I have made and donated lately!

I don't think I got photos of of my first goals was to make some "unisex" or boy quilts! Seems I always make "girly" combinations .... And lots of baby boys could use a quilt too!

Using grey solid for several of these!



These are made with 5" squares. Each has unique backing and bindings....trying to use up from my stash!


Then, "unisex" aside, I couldn't resist using scraps and pink came back, really strong!


These are all finished now, given away, or soon to be!

The hot days of summer made me crave cool blue....cornflower blue and with it is "girly" again!

But I LOVE, above, are some of the blocks in process!

AND, I made a small wedding present for my friends, Paula and Jeanie.....a pillow with their kayaks in a quilt block!



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